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Why Us
Why Us

We have been building Electrical Discharge Machines in Southwest Ohio for over 20 years. We believe our machines set the standard for the industry and here are just a few reasons why.

Beaumont Machine is an OEM integrator for Siemens, Fanuc and Fanuc Robotics.

Beaumont Machine EDM’s can weigh 20,000 pounds or more. Having such a heavy machine ensures rigidity and stability. Factors such as temperature change and part weight can cause the base of a machine to flex, resulting in lost accuracy. Having a very heavy and stable base helps avoid this problem.

Linear Ways
We use 45mm linear ways for our X, Y, and Z-axis movement. With these larger ways, we can avoid almost all table sag. Sag occurs when moving the X-axis to the extreme negative or positive locations, which creates arc seconds of pitch. Our linear ways provide straightness, flatness, and smoothness to prevent stick-slip

Granite Table
We use a granite table to help ensure the best surface for parts to be located. Our table is a tool room grade granite surface with a 4 x 4 bolt pattern for universal tooling and clamping. Artifacts are built into the table for calibration. The granite also makes for a great insulator.

Rotary Tables
Our B and C-Axis are Beaumont Machine designed Troyke Rotary tables. These tables use a Holroyd Gear System that prevents unloading and cogging, which also provides smooth motion and better accuracy.

Absolute Encoders
Beaumont Machine uses absolute encoders on all locating axes. Absolute encoders help maintain location in the event of power loss.

Axis Speed
Our machines are capable of axis movement up to 400 inches per minute which eliminates wasted time between holes. We believe drilling times should be measured from the beginning of one hole to the beginning of the next.

Guide System
Beaumont Machine uses our own Pneumatic guide clamping system, unique in design, which allows us to repeatedly hold unsurpassed accuracy.

Power Supply
Beaumont’s power supply was developed with Land Based Power Generation, Aerospace and Semiconductor materials in mind. Our power supply contributes to increased drilling speed and decreased negative by-products such as micro cracking and recast.


  • Up to 65 amps of continuous power in .5 increments
  • Capacitance settings from .0 to 8.0, in 0.1 incremental settings
  • Real-time ON and OFF settings that can be measured from 0 – 999 microseconds
  • True spindle speed control using a servo motor capable of speeds from 1 – 3000 RPM
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Beaumont In The News

Dielectric Filtration System
Beaumont Machine and Ebbco worked together to create a dielectric filtration system capable of handling the needs of our machines. Our 150-gallon unit filters water to a 5-micron level, maintains a programmed Micro Siemens level, and provides a 100-psi auxiliary flush, and controls water temperature.

Complete Solutions

We not only supply the Fast Hole EDM- we also supply the entire solution:

  • Fixture Design
  • Training
  • Part Programming
  • Vision System Integration

Or Consumables:

  • Carbide and Ceramic Guides
  • Electrodes
  • Stainless Steel Collets
  • Filters

Beaumont Machines were designed to keep service to a minimum. We have designed our components to be more easily diagnosed, repaired, and replaced, if necessary. Our machines have available offsite diagnostics that can be accessed through a network connection. With this feature, we can access and diagnose most problems within minutes, providing service immediately and minimizing machine downtime. Call us for maintenance, repair, and calibration of all your EDM machines.

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