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FH Series Options
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Rotary Tables Options

  • 4th (B) Axis 9″ – DL-9 Troyke Rotary Table
  • 5th (C) Axis 15″ – DL-15 Troyke Rotary Table
  • 5th (C) Axis 9″ – DL-9 Troyke Rotary Tables
  • Dual Rotary Tables
  • All Troyke rotary tables include
    • Heidenhain Scales: with absolute encoders. Increases the accuracy of our rotary tables. Some of the most accurate scales available. Exclusive to FH Series with Siemens or Fanuc Controls.
    • Ina bearing: a preloaded axial/radial bearing that reduces wobble.
    • Holroyd gear sets: provides extreme accuracy with no cogging.
    • Nickel plating: making the tables extremely rust resistant.

EDM Options

  • Burn Time Counter – Auto stop feature in which a maximum time is preprogrammed into the burn command. If the EDM process is not accomplished in this given time, the EDM process will discontinue.
  • Breakthrough Detection – Closely watches a real time sampling of the drilling process data. A significant change in this sampling indicates breakthrough. When breakthrough is detected, “W” axis is reversed to eliminate backwall strikes. Exclusive to FH Series with Siemens or Fanuc Controls.
  • Micro-Pulse Technology – is specifically designed for low recast and little or no detectable micro cracking in aerospace as well as semiconductor industries during fast hole EDM process.
  • Diffuser Shape Technology – Diffused holes created with our patented two-step process. First the cooling holes are drilled; then the diffuser electrode is shaped using a built in electrode dresser programmed to generate the correctly sized diffuser dimension on the electrode. The machine then retraces the initial hole installation path to install each diffuser in the correct location. The “Z” axis actually uses an encoded servo to deliver the 6th axis that is required to position the diffuser in the correct attitude relative to the surface of the part. Exclusive to FH Series with Siemens or Fanuc Controls.
  • Depth Finder – For blind hole applications where a specific depth needs to be met in the target material. Sample measurements are taken during the drilling process to calculate tool and material wear. These calculations make it possible for the EDM process to be stopped at a specific depth.
  • Slot Technology – The ability to create oval/elongated shaped holes.
  • Reverse Polarity Electrode Dresser – For dressing and flattening the end of electrodes during use in blind holes requiring flat bottoms or little room for breakthrough.

Tool Changer

  • Short Electrode Load Program for Robotic Tool Changer – Our machines are capable of using a 24″ electrode, but in many situations the Robotic Tool Changer will need to be adjusted for 12″ electrodes.
  • Machine Enclosure – Full enclosure is also necessary with Robot Tool Changer (RTC) option.
  • Robotic Tool Changer (RTC) – A 24 station tool changer that uses a Fanuc LR Mate Robot with a two position end effecter to change up to 18 electrodes and 6 guides. RTC is supplied with a full compliment of electrode collets and guides. This system will use the standard GE Fanuc tool management software. This selection requires full enclosure and riser.


  • C Axis Heidenhain Scales – with absolute encoders. Increases the accuracy of our rotary tables. Some of the most accurate scales available. Exclusive to FH Series with Siemens or Fanuc Controls.
  • Work Piece Positioning Probe – Developed to check position of parts due to changes in castings or part tolerances. Our probe makes a one point shift in the controller due to feedback of the probe.
  • Laser Compensation Measurement – For Machine Accuracy

Water Filtration

  • Dielectric Water Filtration System – System will support two FH Series machines. Included in our standard Di system; 150 gallon stainless steel tank, dielectric chiller, resin exchange vessel, water resistivity meter, ozone generator, hurricane filter, Grundfos medium pressure pump and pre-filter.


  • Unigraphics Post Processor – A communication/translation software package that converts UG Versions NX2 & NX4 or similar design program language into “m & g” machine tool language. Other programming software can be quoted.

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