Why Beaumont Machine EDM?

Not all Fast Hole EDMs are made the same.
We believe our machines set the standard for the industry and here are just a few reasons why.

Beaumont Machine EDM's can weigh 20,000 pounds or more. Having such a heavy machine insures rigidity and stability. Factors such as temperature change and part weight will cause the base of a machine to flex making locations change. Having a very heavy and stable base helps avoid this problem, enabling our machines to locate accurately as well as repeat accurately.

Linear Ways
We use 45mm linear ways for our X, Y, and Z axis movement. With these larger ways, we are able to avoid almost all table sag which usually occurs when moving the Y axis to the extreme negative or positive locations, which usually makes the table bow. Our 45mm linear guide ways increase straightness, flatness, smoothness and prevents stick slip.

Granite Table
We use a granite table to help insure the best surface for parts to be located. Our table is a tool room grade granite surface with a 4 x 4 bolt pattern for universal tooling. Artifacts are built into the table for calibration. We have based our design on coordinate measuring systems. The granite also makes for a great insulator.

Rotary Tables
Our B and C Axis are Beaumont Machine designed Troyke Rotary tables. These tables are nickel plated to prevent corrosion and are solid grease lubricated to avoid leakage if the table is penetrated during the EDM drilling process. These tables use a Holroyd gear which do not unload or create cogging torque, but instead have a smooth motion and better accuracy.

Absolute Encoders
Beaumont Machine uses absolute encoders instead of incremental encoders on all locating axis. With the use of absolute encoders, Beaumont Machine EDMs will not lose location if there is a power loss during a machine cycle. Instead of having to reference every axis, prior to cycle start, the operator will be able to continue operations knowing our machine has not lost location. This will enable the operator to avoid hours of unnecessary work in many cases.

Axis Speed
Our machines are capable of axis movement up to 400 inches per minute. When you are EDMing hundreds of holes, it is very important not to waste time in between those holes because that can add up to hours of wasted time. When we measure drilling times, we believe that this time should be measured from the beginning of one hole to the beginning of the next.

Guide System
Where accuracy counts the most is at the end of the guide, where the electrode meets the targeted part. Beaumont Machine uses a Pneumatic guide clamper with a curvic style coupling. This guide system holds the guide within repeatable position accuracy of 2 to 4 microns. It is a very accurate, quick change guide system.

Power Supply
Accuracy does not stop when the electrode meets the part. Beaumont Machine uses an advanced EDM drilling system able to produce the correct hole in the correct location with the best results, which means avoiding micro cracking and recast. This system starts with the Beaumont Machine Power Supply. Beaumont Machine power supply was developed with Land Based Power Generation and Aerospace industry materials as the target. And now has been developed even further to be used in the semiconductor industry. This differentiates our power supply from others. Originally, single point fast hole EDMs were made for one thing in mind, creating starter holes for a wire EDM. These original starter hole machines have in many ways evolved into multi axis fast hole EDMs, unfortunately, many of these machines are still just starter hole machines with more axis. Manufacturers have not catered these machines for specific materials. Beaumont Machine has.

Beaumont Machine has made a Power supply with many features that will increase drilling speed and decrease negative EDM by products such as micro cracking and recast. We have done this by making a Power supply with up to 65 amps continuous power with 1 amp increment settings. Capacitance settings from 0 to 8 in 0.1 increment settings. Real time ON time and OFF time settings that can be measured to the millisecond and true spindle speed control created by using a servo motor capable of speeds from 1 RPM to 3000 RPM.

Fanuc Controller
Beaumont Machine uses a Fanuc controller to control our power supply. With this control, we are able to control the EDM environment during the process. This means that an operator has available 100 programmable settings that he or she can designate to multiple holes or use to master a single hole. It also lets the operator take advantage of other features available from Beaumont Machine such as Micro Pulse technology which almost eliminates micro cracking and recast, Breakthrough detection and Depth Finder which make blind holes and back strikes simple to avoid. We also have a patented Diffuser Shape Technology and Slot Technology, which enable our machines to create shaped holes. Fanuc controllers have a 7 year mean time failure, so you know it is a great controller that will be dependable for many years.

Ebbco Dielectric Filtration System
Every good EDM has a good dielectric filtration system. Beaumont Machine and Ebbco worked together to create a dielectric filtration system capable of handling the needs of our machines. Specific Micro Siemens, water temperature and water pressures up to 2000 PSI are needed to operate our EDMs at their full capability.

Complete Solutions
We not only supply the Fast Hole EDM, we supply the entire solution. This solution may include something as simple as items from our consumables list like carbide and ceramic guides, electrodes, stainless steel collets or filters. Or it may be as complicated as designing an entire part process; including training, fixture design, part programming and vision system integration. Beaumont Machine strives to insure that every solution we provide will be 100% productive when it reaches the customer's facility.

Even the best machines will eventually need service. This could be due to repair, normal maintenance or calibration. Beaumont Machines were designed to keep service to a minimum so you can get the most out of them. We use Fanuc components for our controller and our Fanuc robotic tool changer because of their great performance, capability, availability and dependability, 7 to 8 year mean time failure. We have designed our components to be more easily diagnosed, repaired and replaced if necessary. All of our machines with Fanuc controllers have available offsite diagnostics that can be accessed with a standard analog telephone connection. With this feature, we are able to access and diagnose most problems within minutes, providing service immediately and minimizing machine down time.

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